Who we are?

DiNA science was founded by Mireia Sandalinas and Carles Giménez, with the intention of helping people make medical decisions, providing all the necessary scientifically supported genetic information. We are very aware that the interpretation of genetic tests can be complex and, therefore, we want to be by your side throughout the process. When it comes to making important decisions, we want our genetics solutions to be a useful tool and not a problem.

At DiNA science, we continually seek the best way to offer an advanced carrier genetic testing service to clinics, medical professionals, and individuals. We are a responsible, pioneering team involved in the creation, development and application of the first expanded carrier test in Spain and Europe: Recombine’s CarrierMap.

Our team.
Our strength.

At DiNA science, our interdisciplinary team is composed of leaders in the field of genomics. Our main objective is to facilitate access to genetic analysis by providing technologically advanced, practical and compressible solutions.

We want to be the support you need in any genetics decision. Because for us there is no more exciting challenge than understanding the diagnostic needs in each case, patient or person and finding the right solution for each of them.